Security terminal

Thermal camera

COVID-19 rapid test

Temperature detector

Security terminal

VA101 is a multifunction terminal for quick security check:  A combination of thermal sensor, color camera and biometric camera makes possible to detect skin surface temperature in 1 second. The AI technology let the terminal detect if a person is wearing a mask or notIf not, the terminal will remind user to wear the mask with a voice message. This option can also be disabled if not needed. In case of abnormal temperature check the LED gets red and a voice message will alert the guard for manual check.

Access control & face recognition

VA101 is also an access control terminal. The face recognition function is able to recognize a face and compare with a database of 100.000 ID. The double color/biometric camera makes impossible unauthorized access by using somebody’s picture. The terminal have infrared LED and status LED for night visionAutomatic gates can be connected and controlled by VA101, when user identity has been confirmed, the gate will automatically open.

Several external devices can be connected to VA101:

ID card reader, RFID-NFC tag reader, QR code scan device etc…