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Everspring won the 2015 “TIBA Platinum of System Awards

With the patronage of Asia-Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance, the Taiwanese Intelligent Building Association held the “APIGBA Awards Primary Election – TIBA Awards” ceremony on August 25th with the presence of the Taiwanese Vice President Wu Den-Yih, the Minister of the Interior Chen Wei-Zen, the Vice-Director of the National Development Committee Huang Wan Xiang and other dignitaries. Everspring received the 2015 TIBA Platinum Award for the category “System Products”. This award allows Everspring to join next year (2016) Asia-Pacific Intelligent Green Building System Product Awards.

Everspring provided a complete “Intelligent Building System” for the UNI’s Landmark building. Everything was studied with care from system integration, system research and design, project management, system maintenance and operation, to provide the best solution for smart building system. The starting idea for the UNI’s Landmark building project was ” an user friendly intelligent building”, the development obtained a high level central monitoring system All-Purpose Station (APS) based on four key features “self-learning, multi-interface, invisible and designed around people”. It uses the DDC type analog input and digital input/output signal, or Modbus, BACnet and other protocols, to directly monitor electromechanical system, light-electrical system and surveillance and security systems. Each single sub system doesn’t need to exchange additional information to the server in order to integrate for system management, which significantly lowers the number of servers required to run the system, and achieves the real benenfits for system integration.

Everspring All-Purpose Station (APS) main features are:

1. Scalability

Everspring APS system software has a remarkable scalability design: it provides several functions and interfaces for different platform access, at any moment it is possible to add new services and features without affecting the operation or the stability of the system.

2. Integration

The communication backbone of Everspring APS adopts standard TCP / IP protocol and supports integration with various communication protocols and interfaces.

3. Sustainability

Data from devices on each floor are collected on a star cabling network and are sent to each floor’s weak current box, there the data is again transmitted through optical-fiber to the central monitoring station this hybrid cabling system increases a lot the management efficiency and leaves space for future extension. The cohesion between monitoring equipment and standardized interface specifications, ensure the achievement of sustainability for future product replacement.

4. Efficiency

All the information of each security system is integrated into a single user interface, when an event is triggered it is possible to know the current situation from the graphical user interface, this intuitive process greatly improves the system management efficiency therefore the quality of service.