AN145 – Lamp Holder

The AN145 screw-in on/off module is a lamp holder and a transceiver which is a Z-Wave enabled device. It is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. Inclusion of this module on other manufacturer’s wireless controller allows on/off control of bulbs. Each module is designed to act as a repeater. Repeaters will re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots.

– Wireless two-way communication
– On/off lamp holder
– Fiber glass compound for high temperature
– Three types of lamp caps – B22, E26, E27

– Function: Lamp holder
– Frequency range: 868.42 MHz / 908.42 MHz
– RF protocol: Z-Wave
– RF range (open space): >70m
– Max Load: 100W incandescent load, 27W energy saving bulb