EH101 – PIR Floodlight Transmitter

This is an ordinary floodlight with a PIR motion sensor and built-in RF transmitter. At night, the PIR motion sensor not only turns on the floodlight when it detects motion but also transmits RF signal to O-Net receiver such as plugs or EZ alarms.

– 300W halogen floodlight
– PIR motion detector to turn on light and transmit RF signal to receiver.
– Outdoor installation
– Photocell sensor turns off light during the day
– Lux level and timer adjustment

– Function: Floodlight with PIR
– Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
– Protocol: O-Net
– RF Type: Transmitter
– Operation Range: 70m (open space)
– PIR detection angle 110° x 12m
– Lux Adjustment: 5 – 200 Lux
– Time Adjustment: 5secs – 12mins
– 300W halogen bulb
– AC Power Input: 230V / 50Hz
– IP Rating: IP44