SA823 – Repeater

This U-Net signal repeater is designed with the installer in mind. It comes with features to help a single-man installer to provide quick and easy service at customer site; LEDs to indicate signal strength, audio beeps for verify reception, setup without disrupting original sensor-gateway RF binding connection, etc. Information collected by the repeater can be sent to cloud for analysis by service center.

– Simple installation and network setup without PC or smartphone
– Daisy chain up to 2 repeaters
– Test mode: signal strength indication using LED and audio beep
– Beacon mode: transmits signal at preset interval to test reception by gateway
– Tamper detection
– Backup battery in case of power cut
– Firmware upgrade by OTA (U-Net 4.0 feature)

– Operating RF frequency: 868MHz / 923MHz
– Protocol: U-Net
– RF range: At least 200 meters (open space)
– Support up: 8 devices
– LED: LED indication and buzzer
– Input power: DC9V, min. 1A (AC adapter)
– Backup battery: 1.5V AAA x 4