SE103 – Solar Siren

This is a wireless outdoor siren running fully on solar energy and rechargeable backup battery. It operates as simple alarm controller and emits a 100dB piercing sound to scare away intruders when an alarm condition occurs.

– Connects up to 12 O-Net alarm transmitters and 6 remote controls
– Connects up to 5 O-Net receiver plugs/dimmers
– LED strobe to act as a visible deterrent.
– Work in either C.U. (control unit) mode or Siren mode
– Repeater function to transfer the received signal to another siren for whole area coverage
– Turns on O-Net receiver plugs when alarm
– Tamper detection
– Withstand 60 days without sunlight

– Function: Solar siren
– Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
– Protocol: O-Net
– RF Type: Receiver and transmitter
– Battery: 6V 1.2 Ah lead acid battery x 1
– AC adaptor jack optional
– Siren Volume: min. 100dBA @ 1m
– Operation Range: 100 meters (open space)
– IP Rating: IP44 with weatherproof housing