SM602 – Window Contact Detector

The SM601 is a door contact sensor which detects and reports contact events, as part of an integrated security system. This product is an entirely new development project, with design optimized for specifically for door and frame placement. The user-installable sensor and magnet assemblies are intended to be fixed to a door and its respective door frame, using supplied adhesive pads. It is primarily intended for indoor use only. It is battery powered, with access via a removable front cover. The rectangular casework contains a battery, indicator LED, low-power micro-controller, tamper detection mechanism and ZigBee radio as well as the contact sensor module.

– Low battery warning signal
– Bicolour (red/green) LED indication
– Tamper protection

– Function: Door open/close detector
– Battery Type: Lithium CR2032 cell 3V x 1
– Battery Life: 3 year
– Operation Protocol: ZigBee
– Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
– Outdoor Range: Up to 60m (Open Space)
– LED Indication