SP815 – Pet Immune PIR

The SP815 is designed with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor in order to fulfill the purpose of security and home automation. It detects motion by monitoring changes in infra-red radiation levels emitted by body heat. It would disregard the motion caused by animals weighing less than 38kg.

– High reliability and false alarm immunity: dual sensor and 3D cylindrical optics
– Smart: low power report
– Simple: auto-binding
– OTA: over-the-air programming
– Tamper alarm: protect device from removing by others easily
– Convenient: be mounted on either a flat surface or in a corner
– Pet-Tolerant up to 38 kg (Tall: <60cm; Length: <90cm) Specifications:
– Function: Pet Immune PIR
– Frequency range: 908.42 MHz (US) / 868.42 MHz (EU)
– RF range (open space): >100m
– PIR range: 12m / 110° @ 2m mounting height
– Pet Immunity: Height<60cm ; Length<90cm ; Weight>38 Kg
– Battery life: 2 year
– Battery type: CR123A x 1
– Operation temperature: -10°C – 40°C
– Operation humidity: 0 – 85% RH
– Dimension (mm): 55.1(W) x 50.6(D) x 109.8(H)
– Weight: 75g