SR601 – Remote Control (Key Fob)

The SR601 is s portable ‘Key Fob’ device which is used as a method of basic remote control, as part of an integrated security and/or occupancy system. It can also be used to provide a basic location service for the device owner/carrier (at home, or not home) and also provide information that can be used to determine the movements of the various device carriers attached to the system.
The device is intended to be carried by an user at all times (24 hours a day, if necessary), and under all circumstances that may occur during normal domestic activities. It is battery powered, with access via a removable rear cover. The rectangular casework contains a battery, indicator LED, low-power micro-controller, and ZigBee radio as well as the single button panic actuator.

– Low battery warning signal
– Bicolour (red/green) LED indication
– Arm, part-arm & disarm security panel
– Panic button for emergency

– Function: Alarm remote control
– Battery Type: Lithium CR2032 cell 3V x 1
– Battery life: 3 years
– Operation Protocol: ZigBee
– Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
– Outdoor Range: Up to 60m
– LED Indication