HOMESYS is an alarm system composed by a control panel and wireless accessories. The installation is very easy: connect the control panel to your router, insert batteries in each accessory and register a free account with your access code for remote access.

HOMESYS cloud service let you access your system from everywhere. You have also free storage space for recorded videos of events

The wireless range for all the accessories is 180m in open space. Users can check the signal status from the HOMESYS APP.

Every sensor is powered by battery. The power consumption is much lower than Wi-Fi so that batteries can last few years.

The system has security protection against: unathorized internet access, radio interferences and tampering.

Smartphone APP

The smartphone APP let you arm and disarm the system, receive notifications and check the system status.


Event notification
Remote arm/disarm
List of events
Device operation check
Control automation devices

Popular accessories: