Social responsibility

Everspring promises and fulfills its corporate social responsibility. In addition to requiring the manufacturing plant in Dongguan to meet the highest standards of environmental protection, safety and health in all aspects, Everspring also actively contributes to the promotion of social care in Taiwan. Everspring adheres to the value of green and environmental protection, and strives to realize the future of green vision. We will continue to strive to comply with all pollution prevention regulations, and continue to improve product safety control and quality. We pursue green environmental protection management and fully assume social and moral responsibilities.

Caring for the society is the responsibility that a thriving enterprise should shoulder. Fully aware of this, Chairman Zhang established the Everspring Cultural Foundation to help disadvantaged groups in society. Over the years, the Everspring Cultural Foundation has provided scholarships and stationery to students in Hualien and Taitung counties many times, providing help and encouragement for local children’s education. In addition, the Everspring Cultural Foundation has also actively provided support and participation in the field of humanistic care and cultural activities.

Social events