Sustainable business

Everspring Group was founded by Nally Chang in 1980. For the past four decades, Everspring Group has been enhancing everyday lives and achieving high customer satisfaction with better security and technology. As an industry pioneer, Ms. Chang has been transforming her dreams and aspirations into reality through Everspring Group. Ms. Chang’s charismatic personality has inspired Everspring Group to provide not only outstanding technology, but also social and environmental responsibility.

Committed to the social responsibility, we require our manufacturing plant located in Dongguan City, China, to reach the highest standard of environmental protection, safety and health.
Our values drive our vision which we continue to dedicate to all the pollution preventing regulation with our safety control and quality improvement. In advance, we strive for green environmental management and fully engage with ethical responsibilities.

All Everspring Industry Co., Ltd products are “DRC Conflict Free” (see Conflict Minerals Declaration)

We honor environmental policies
We foster our green globe
We obey the law
We eliminate any kind of pollution